Merry Christmas!

Blessings to All: Sisters and Brothers, Friends and Allies! Merry Christmas!

A Christmas Blessing: I send you Loving Gratitude. Let the Light that is flowing to the Earth wash over you. Let Light Flow to the Light within you, around you, throughout you. Let this Light be Expanded. Let all that is Light be filled with Love!

I choose Peace this is my prayer. Peace here in my Heart! Peace Everywhere.

I am spending the next 5 days with my blended family. We are having a lovely and lively Christmas Celebration. We are opening gifts lovingly selected. We are opening gifts from the Heart handmade and handcrafted. We are exchanging Loving Embraces and Fist-Bumps. We are wishing each other Merry Christmas.

FairyFarm style is about Gratitude, Graciousness, Love, Kindness and Generosity. We are so Happy And Grateful for the Amazing Abundance in our life. Thank you Universe! Thank you to those who have donated. Thank you to the Generosity of others. I send you Loving Gratitude.

Today, the snow from the Winter Solstice is all but melted. It is raining and very warm for this time of year on the Seacoast of New Hampshire, USA. It is a welcome respite from bitter cold weather.

So much is going on in the outer world. It is hard to keep up. We are all assisting each other in staying on our Celestial Surfboards as we surf this tsunami of Energy that is flowing to the Earth. We are made for this. We are here now to move forward on the Leading Edge of Something NEW. The New Earth Paradigm.

I asked aloud for a new tea pot for Christmas. I send this request out into the Universe. Today as my family and created and built and experienced our Christmas celebration I was given 4 teapots! LOL Each teapot was lovingly selected several are gently used and all are UNIQUE and represent an aspect of Elizabeth-Fairyfarmgirl. It is a great great gift to me. These times we are in are fertile with Potentiality. Speak it and feel it, and see it and it becomes!

5 is the Number of this Day! I bless all on this Day, December 25, 2020 with Love! For days now I have been seeing 555 everywhere. 555 represents inspired Change that leads to positive results that are proactive and A shift of Paradigm. The New Earth Paradigm is growing! The Tendrils are now stems and are beginning to leaf. The Roots are deeply growing. This change is challenging for those still clinging to the Patriarchy. The New Earth is here now. We are the Ones we were waiting for! Let us reach up and Reach out with our Hearts and Minds and Physical Proximity to Be the New Earth– the Leading Edge of something New!

5 is a Prime Number. It is one of the Root Numbers in Numerology and the Science of Love and Light. The number 5 heralds changes that are in process. These changes are not perceived until reaching a Milestone Awareness Nexus Point. These changes create the foundation for the building of the major developments and opportunities that are new. Change is continuous. Life is imperfectly perfect and by embracing the New Earth you create the New Earth. This requires focus and fortitude and perseverance and Creative Thinking as well as Fluid Intelligence and the use of your Innate Human Giftedness! Claim your Birthrights– Emancipate yourself by Loving Your Self free. Join with others and Mutually Cooperate and create Unity within yourself, your heart and mind and with others. The Earth is calling for Humankind to work with her and her systems and biospheres. We are symbiotic with our Loving and Generous Sentient Planet, Earth. I send Mother Earth Gaia , Great Goddess of All Goddesses Loving Gratitude.

Enjoy the slide show below of Christmas over the years here at the FairyFarm and Ol’Homestead and of my Abundance of Teapots!

Merry Christmas and Peace to you and yours! Love More and Expect Miracles!

We bless you with Love— Fairyfarmgirl-Elizabeth

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Happy Solstice!

Blessings to All:

Happy Winter Solstice! Happy Summer Solstice! Welcome the Age of Aquarius!

The Grand Conjunction is upon us. Look for it in the Sky. Jupiter and Saturn are the closest together in 800 years!

The New Earth Paradigm is breaking through the surface. The tendrils are tender green and pink shoots as the Heart Halves combine as a Venn Diagram, the Seed of Life sprouting a New Earth Paradigm through and by way each Heart standing up into the LoveLight.

The Shadow Work we are all coming through is necessary. The Collective Shadows are being revealed. Be the LightLove and walk through the Shadows to the New Earth Paradigm.

LoveLight is not for the faint-hearted. Love requires Courage and Fortitude and Trust and Discernment and Determination and Discipline. Live Requires Kindness and Wisdom and Self Love and Grace and Gratitude. It is an Action, Active and Introspective at the same time. Love Empowersus to Love Ourselves Free creating the Spark of Human Emancipation. Love is transformative and Giving and Sharing and Cooperative. Love Expands and Invites Cooperation and Collaboration and Unity.

The Heart is Unifying.

Happy Winter Solstice here in the Northern Hemisphere and Happy Summer Solstice in the Southern Hemisphere.

Love More Expect Miracles!

We Bless you with LoveLight!


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The Gratitudes

Thanksgiving Day Message

I Bless you with LoveLight. Here in my area of the world, on the hidden coast of NH, I will be celebrating Thanksgiving Day at the Fairyfarm with my family.

This year there is much to Practice Gratitudes about. This year of 2020 has been interesting full of chances for really focusing on the important things in life. Here is my short List

Loving Gratitude: sending and receiving, Health,Stepping Forward to be seen,Sharing Abundance,Receiving Abundance,Loving More, Expecting Miracles,Compassionate Understanding,Inner Child, Luminous Warrior,Giftedness and Call to Purpose, Tarot, Art, Products and Guidance that flows through me to you via Fairyfarmgirl Digest and Emporium and to all of You

There is so much to be in a space of Gratitude this year. We are in the middle of a Pandemic. There are many who have lost dear loved ones to the Covid-19 virus. There are many Extreme Weather Storms happening all over the world. There are many many great waves of Change. I send you Healing Love as you journey through Grief or support others journeying through grief. Let you be held within the Embrace of LoveLight steadied by Solace and Comfort. I Send you Loving Gratitude.

This year many of us have developed new life patterns in response to the Pandemic. We have learned to connect more deeply by way and through the Heart and social media platforms. We have learned to look deeply within. We are invited to combine our Heart with our High Heart. It looks like Venn Diagram– and part of the Flower of Life.

I Send Loving Gratitude. I began this practice on March 13 2020 when the in New Hampshire, USA, the Governor declared a State of Emergency. This resulted in a Quarantine Order. Many places all across our beautiful Planet were shut down and we went into Quarantine.

And yet, many Hearts opened and many people became closer even though they were not in proximity to each other. This is due to the LoveLight that flows through all life. We went within and connected by Hearts and Minds, Spirit and Soul and through social media platforms.

I met some of my neighbors calling from a safe physical distance from my gardens to their gardens. It was a time of great coming together. This has not stopped. Those of us on the Leading Edge of Something New are inviting those Expanding in Awareness to join with us– and they are.

This is the Great Portal Opening. The Portal is within each of us, by way and though the Heart propelled upwards by the furnace of the body: the Sacral Chakra and connected through the High Heart, Throat and 3rd Eye. Regulated by the Will Chakra and provided a secure base by the Root Chakra. We are Luminous and growing as we Expand our Awareness, Love More. We are LoveLight.

We connected with Brothers and Sisters Soul and Spirit across the globe. We extended Abundance and Plenty to those in need. We did this.

We inspired each other to be more, reach further, create, start a new journey. The Arts experience a resurgence. That which spoke to the Heart, Spirit, Soul— comforted us we chose to reconnect to through Art, Music, Dance and Self-Expression. This is a Human Birthright– to Create, to Express , to Love.

Sacred Geometry and Number Sequences became a real thing. Those of us who have been living life by the mystery and magic and manifestion of the Number Sequences suddenly realized that 1111 was an invitation. It is truly and invitation to Love More and to send LoveLight and Loving Gratitude. To practice Kindness.

Billions of people suddenly started to garden— in containers, in yards, front and back yards, in gardens, just about anywhere where the practice of physical distancing was possible. Nature is a place of Grace and Solace. Many found there way, journeying back to their selves through the practice of gardening– Creating Beauty.

Since March many world wide have lost loved ones, friends, and neighbors. They have crossed over to the great beyond. What happens after passing from this life to the next is this… something happens. What it is — well that is open to debate as from our limited frequency and vibration we are garnered from seeing the large reality that surrounds our existence as human beings.

The many many many Belief Systems world wide show us there is something beyond the barrier that we pass through upon leaving this life to go to the next.

Another Realm, Dimension and place are common held beliefs. The Body is of the Earth. That which Animates the Body is of the Celestial Cosmos.

This Grief that many feel due to the Pandemic, Extreme Weather Events due to Climate Change, War, Poverty — the loss of life. It is a process of walking through Heartbrokeness. Grieving takes as long as it takes. Celebrating the life of a loved one is of assistance while navigating the Grief. Compassion for our neighbors, friends, fellow human beings throughout the world and in our area is our Call to Purpose. What that means to you is yours to create and build. Follow the Expansion, Awe, Wonder and LOVELIGHT this will lead you toward the Leading Edge of Something New and in that journey you will assist others in walking through Grief.

After a loss, there is no going back to “the way things used to be” you are now in a new place and space. Create and Build acts of LOVELIGHT from your new nexus point.

There are no shortcuts and no ways around it. Grief is something that you journey through. I bless you with Love. Let Grace and LightLove guide you. Every day get up out of bed. Bathe, dress, do your hair. Make your bed. Make beautiful food to eat. Buy yourself flowers. Take long walks in nature. Hug a Tree and tell her your woes. Breathe and dance, sing and cry, keen. When you fall down, falter, just simply with all your strength and with the support of those who you pray to, get back up. — Elizabeth


Each and every day holds something amazing to behold with awe and wonder. I practice Gratitudes and Loving mySelf Free. It is not easy and yet the most rewarding practice I have ever done. — Elizabeth

I Send you my beloved children and loved ones Loving Gratitude. I am deeply grateful to be called daughter, sister, mother, friend and Love to those in my life. Thank you. I am deeply grateful.

I Send you My Brothers and Sisters, Friends and Allies Standing up into the LOVELIGHT Loving Gratitude. Thank you for Being here now. We feel our connection across SpaceTime and through the Flower of Life. I hear you within my Heart Portal. Thank you. I am deeply grateful.

I send you Loving Gratitude to my Country Women and Men of the USA. We are diverse like the Living Forest and this is what makes the USA strong. We are Amazing and I thank you. I am deeply grateful.

I send Loving Gratitude to all my Clients and Friends who have supported me and the Call to Purpose that I am following as I step forward into my Giftedness. Thank you. I am deeply grateful.

I send Loving Gratitude to Humankind. We are a Beautiful Ray of LoveLight. There is more of us than that of the Dark. Remember we are the Light fueled by Love. Love flows through all that is created, Love More, Expect Miracles. Thank you. I am deeply grateful.

I Send Loving Gratitude to the World. Thank you. My Life is beautiful because of the World that we live in. I see the Beauty of each moment. The Challenges I have faced in life have prepared me to truly have eyes to see and ears to hear. Thank you. I am deeply grateful.

I send Loving Gratitude to the Elementals: Thank you deeply from my Heart for your Assistance in Moving the Earth towards the New Earth Paradigm. Thank you for speaking through me, for enriching my life. Thank you. I am deeply grateful.

I send Loving Gratitude to the Inhabitants of the Earth. Those who exist just beyond the Consensus Reality that many that are Expanding Awareness can see. Those who do thank you. I am deeply grateful.

I send Loving Gratitude to Flowing Water from the Streams, Brooks, Creeks, Rivers and from the Lakes and Ponds, Aquifers, Underground Lakes and from natural springs and Sacred Wells, from the Wells and Waterholes, Oasis and cisterns and for Water held within pipes and vessels, water towers and water barrels, water flowing and falling from the sky as rain, sleet, snow, hail, fog and mist. Thank you Water. I am deeply grateful.

I send Loving Gratitude to the Forests, Grasslands, Savannahs, Prairies, Taiga, Marshes, Meadows, Gardens. I Send Loving Gratitude to the Trees and the Mycellium Network, to the Realms of Flora and Realms of Fauna. I am deeply Grateful. Thank you.

I send Loving Gratitude to the Mother Earth-Gaia, Great Goddess of All Goddesses. Thank you for speaking to me, through me, nurturing me and guiding me . Thank you. I am Deeply Grateful.

I Send Loving Gratitude to mySelf. I am so very thankful that I am Nowhere and Now Here at the same time. I am deeply grateful to live this life.

I Send Loving Gratitude to Fairyfarmgirl. Thank you for being with me ever gently offering guidance and speaking through me for the benefit of the Collective. Thank you. I am deeply Grateful.

I send you Loving Gratitude. I am deeply grateful for you.

Happy Day to you! Today in my country of USA we will be celebrating in each of our own ways the The National Holiday of Thanksgiving. Happy Thanksgiving to you!

The Gratitudes will get you through. How? Simply by seeing life through the lens of Thankfulness and Gratitude.

I Am so Happy and Grateful for clean water to drink, cook with, bathe in, play in. I Am so Happy and Grateful for good nourishing food to eat. I Am so Happy and Grateful for beauty around me. I Am so Happy and Grateful for a Clean, Comfortable, dry Dwelling to live in, play in, work in, rest in.

I Am so Happy and Grateful….

I invite you to leave your Gratitudes below in the comments.

I bless you with LoveLight. I am deeply grateful. Thank you.

Happy Thanksgiving, Let us all Give Thanks to this Life and the Earth, Sky and the Sun, The Cosmos. I Bless you with Love.

Thanksgiving for some speaks to colonialism, and genocide. That is part of the story for many of those who are here in the USA. This story does not have to define you, or I . This story is changeable. I choose to see this time as an invitation to practice gratitude to come together with Friends and Family, to count my blessings and to bless others. We are each invited by LoveLight that is flowing alongside Discord to Love More and Expect Miracles.

The Energy has shifted as of Monday 11/23/2020. It felt like the pressure and the discomfort popped through and we are now in a new place and space on the Spiral of Life. Everyone is. Those who are just awakening– just beginning to stir from the Great Sleep are spooling up for an Expansion of Awareness. They will be so surprised and awed and shocked to find life is beautiful and different. Reach out and Reach up. The Energy has increasingly become more centered and calm. It is highly Energetic and that for those who are unaware can create volatility. It is a time to dust off the Compassionate Communication skills and stand firm in the LOVELIGHT as you interact with others. When you falter– forgive yourself, make amends and get back up and stand up into the LoveLight. Love More, Expect Miracles.

On 11/30/2020 the Moon will be Full! Happy Full Moon!

There are many Great Waves of Change Flowing to the Earth at this time. Practice Gratitude and Compassion. Assist others as you are able.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. I bless you with Love.

–Elizabeth, Fairyfarmgirl

Stay tuned for more info coming soon!

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Sunday Musings

I am an untamed Goddess
 Woman behaving badly
I walk among the trees
Leaves fall down to the ground of red, orange, gold and brown.
I glide along covering my feet hidden by the colors of Autumn

 I am that I am.
Now Here
I see the Light

I listen to the songs of the Spheres so clear through my Heart’s Ears
I dive deep
Ride the Wild

River of Songs
Golden LoveLight
alongside rides the dark discord

 I jump the River to that of which is my time
Your time

Join me
Step by Step
Sacred Ground all around
 Riding Celestial Surfboards
staying afloat and along

You are here
You are here
The Earth-Gaia, Great Goddess
Child of Earth
My Beloved
You are Loved

— Elizabeth Loabe, Bubbles Float and Other Musings, 11.15.2020

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Happy Friday the 13th

Happy New Moon! This New Moon is a super New Moon with lots of Astrological Alignments and the Central Sun Portal Opening on 11/11 as well as Change is in the air… Stay in your Heart and High Heart. Take time to ponder Love and feel it through. We are in the Corridor waiting the door to open. Light us pouring in. Let Light flow to your Light. Let all that is Light be expanded. Let thos Light be filled with Love.

Howling at the Moon tonight. Join me where you stand upon the Sacred Ground in your area of the World. I will be Howling at 9 pm EST, USA. Light a Candle into the darkness. Let your Light Shine Through.

Follow what fills you with Wonder and Awe. Love and Expansive Joy.

I Bless you with Love.


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11.11.20 Super New Moon, Armistice Day and Veteran’s Day

portal opens 11/11/20

Today number sequences are afoot. It is 11.11.2020. Long ago in 1918, The end of the Great WW I came to an end on 11.11.1918 at at 11 am in the morning. This day is marked by Armistice Day. In the USA we mark this day as Veteran’s Day. In the Modern age this day is called Remembrance Day.

11/11/2020 is also an Auspicious Day for Magic, Manifestation and Miracles. The New Moon is a Super New Moon with Big Energies that are knocking all for a loop.

We send all my brothers and sisters, friends and Allies Loving Gratitude. Now is the time to stand firm, stand tall and walk your talk. It is not easy and that which is worth doing is never easy but it is eased with integrity of thought, action, deed, emotion. These are the tools of the Celestial Surfboard that allow us all to dive deep, ride the wild and stay on our surfboard and steady the collective around us.

Sacred Ground is that which you stand upon. We have made monuments to the Wars and the loss and the anguish. Now it is time to make monuments to Life, Love, Light and Compassion. The New Earth Paradigm is a new frequency a new way to connect and be with life. This is the Rebirth of you.

Rebirth and shadow work require to let go to move forward.

11/11/20 is a Complex Day with many strands of Reality converging to ride alongside each River of Conscious Flow.  It represents Choice and Change. LOVELIGHT flows alongside Discord and Malevolence.  What will you choose? The Portal Opens from the Galactic Center. The Sacred Divine Masculine, the Luminous Warrior, the New Earth Grid and The Sacred Divine Masculine of the now Emotionally Available, and Emotionally Intelligent Divine Masculine.

Today is an Numerology 8. Put the 8 on its side and it is the symbol of infinity. The next 10 days are auspicious to connect to and co-create the outcomes successfully. There is a sort of Cosmic Strategy in its way and dedication to the Call to Purpose. There is renewed and energized Energy to let go, move forward. Reach Further, Higher and to journey upwards toward LoveLight on the Spiral of the Flower of Life. This is the music of Spheres. Be ready for an accelerated ride climbing, the stamina and fortitude and vision will assist in the journey.

Nothing is achieved alone. Everything is interconnected as the Flower of Life. Sharing the success, the abundance, the plenty is essential. Show appreciation and gratitude. Trust.

8 also balances success with gratitude and humility. 11.11.2020 ushers in an ever cascading building cycle of manifestation, magic, miracles.

Patience and Fortitude and Determination along with inspiration and gratitude, humility with Compassion and sharing are the pillars of the success of this new day and Energy stream of 8. It begins today, 11.11.2020.

This is the Beginning. Stay the course and let go to go forward.

The Divine Masculine of the Age of Pisces was not Emotionally Available. It was about conquest, conflict, separation, doing, war.

11.11.2020 The Age of Aquarius has commenced and with the Portal Opening of the Luminous Divine Masculine from across Space-Time this ushers in more harmonious, cooperative, peaceful, introspective, creatively responsible Luminous Divine Masculine Energies. These Energies are connecting with and spooling up with the New Earth Grid Energy. Compassionate Communication, Mutual Cooperation and Unity is the new Global Game. The Old Earth must be honored as that which has rebirthed the New Earth. Honoring something allows it to be as it was and to move beyond that which was once to embrace what is New.

The parallels of today to A little over a Century ago are playing out, Malevolence was defeated in battle during WW I .The Armistice was signed on 11.11.1918 at 11 am.  The cost was great.    Those that survived chorused “Lest We never Forget ” So many were lost to war, disease, famine. The world was also battling a Pandemic of the Flu.

The Parallels today are worth taking pause to note. It is also important to note these Energy Constructs and Outpicturing to our Reality so that we can jump the time stream to the LoveLight that rides alongside the discord.

Then WW II was fought and the Negative Collective Consciousness that took up temporary residence in humans who called themselves Nazis.  And that WW II was fought and the Battle was won. LoveLight was here to stay.

It has not been clear or easy this ride through this Epoch.  And here we are situated in the middle of a Portal Constellation in the last part of the second decade of the 21st Century. 11.11.2020

1111 is always related to new beginnings and new opportunities. around you. Now is a  chance to change something in your life. Rethink. Renew. Restart. Recalibrate and rewrite.

1111 is the Nexus Point of Manifestation, Miracles, Magic.

Let Go, to go forward.  Forgive yourself.  Start a new habit of Love More, Expect Miracles.  Source invites us to dive deep, ride the wild: reach higher, farther.  Leave the comfort zone.

Cosmic Energies invite you to Stand up into The Light Love.  Connect with the New Earth Paradigm that rides alongside the Discord.  Choose to begin.  Now is the right moment.  Success is ensured, the Angel’s, Guardians, Helpers, Ascended Ancestors, The Earth-Gaia, The Luminous Warriors: The Sacred Divine Feminine, the Sacred  Strong and Gentle Emotionally Available Divine Masculine and the Universe All are assisting Humankind and individual Intentions aligned with LoveLight.

 Have Eyes to See and Ears to Hear. Recognize the Celestial, Synergistic and/or Synchronicity showing up to be seen, experienced.  Willingly invite and Accept the Wish Fulfillment of Intentions.  Follow the Intuition and Knowing and Insight and flashes of Divinity. 

Remember those who have gone before us, and simultaneously release your Ancestor Loved ones from Earthbound Roles Roles previously held in recent lifetimes.  Connect and intend in Loving them free.

I Choose Peace this is my prayer. Peace here in my Heart. Peace Everywhere.

We send you Loving Gratitude. Love More, Expect Miracles. We bless you with Love.


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Happy Samhain! Happy Halloween!

I bless you with Love! Happy Samhain! Happy Full Moon! Happy, Happy, Happy….

I write these words and I am reminded of recent times past when all seemed so more predictable. My life was more predictable. I moved to the beat and cadence of routines and patterns that were my life. That all changed in Oct 2017 when I was suddenly made aware that my life was not what I thought it to be. This was a huge Tower Card moment for me when All changed in a flash of traumatic lightening. I must say I did not use my nice words and I cried a lot.

2018 heralded another more leveling Tower Moment, we were in a flood and homeless for awhile. It was only a short sojourn. I chose at that moment to Love More, Expect Miracles. I co-created with many many diverse groups of people a new Life for me and my children. It was traumatic and hard and beautiful and full of grace. It is through creating a personal Flower of Life that links with the Universal Flower of Life that Miracles, Manifestation, and Magic intersect, multiply, and are brought into fruition.

Samhain, Halloween represent to me the Beginning of the New Year on the Wheel of Life and Seasons. It is during this time that I find my most Power– the Equinoxes as well and the Solstices.

I Am are two of the most powerful words in the world, perhaps the Universe.

Intention/Spell/Prayer these are the concepts that co-create the miracles. Some say you have to do it this way. Some say you have to do it that way. I say, do it your own way, and own it.

I Am on the leading edge of something new. The New is the New Earth Paradigm. The Dogmas of the previous age– Consensus Reality Dogmas, Counter Culture Dogmas and the labels that go with all that are no longer as defined as in the past.

I Am …I Am so happy and grateful now that I have… I AM so Thankful for this…..I Am that I Am. I will be that I will be…. I Am

It took me 2 years to fully understand that my life was no longer as I was accustomed. In that 2 years I co-created new Life Patterns and New Routines. I chose to Love More and expect Miracles.

I did not do this alone. No one, does anything alone. The hubris of thinking that one is creating alone is laughable and the basis for the Billionaire Culture that has plagued this planet far too long. They think they became Billionaires all alone– it was through only their effort. This is a lie. They became Billionaires through negative word magic and the work and effort of those who are their employees– their Human Resource.

The cat is really out of the bag. The Jig is up. Because, as we each awaken to our own I AM and begin to use our Power that is our Birthright, the Billionaire Culture will be forced to change, perhaps even capitulate. As we Awaken we Emancipate ourSelf and in doing so Emancipate each other. Human Emancipation creates Collaborative Action: Mutual Cooperation and Unity. Humankind is beginning to Unite and in doing so we link up to the New Earth Grid of our Beloved Sentient Earth-Gaia, Great Goddess and the Sacred Divine Masculine Earth, Luminous Warrior. We are joining our Heart Chakras: the Lower Heart (middle of the chest) and our High Heart (the Thymus area) Through this connection Humankind will begin to discern their birthright as Symbiotic with the Earth and all of Nature. We are part of Nature. This is very important to remember as we move forward co-creating the re-wilding of our Surface Earth’s diverse Biomes. Love More, Expect Miracles.

Fern Hearts

When will this happen? Well, it is happening now. I see tendrils of change beginning to unfurl and grow- connecting to the Flower of Life. These Tendrils are barely detectable by most people. And the New Earth is here growing, connecting, transforming, transmuting, co-creating with those with eyes to see and ears to hear.

World wide, in many places on this Earth, in just about every country is the Global Health Challenge Pandemic. Let us all remember that the Global Health Challenge of Malaria. Or how about the Pandemic of Hunger… or Clean Water… or Climate Change.


I Send Loving Gratitude to you. I Send Loving Gratitude to mySelf. I Send Loving Gratitude to my Brothers and Sisters standing up into the LightLove. I Send Loving Gratitude to my Friends and Allies standing up into the LightLove. I send Loving Gratitude to Humankind.

I Send Loving Gratitude to the World.

I send Loving Gratitude to the Forests of the World, The Trees the Mycellium Network and to All the Realms of Flora, and All the Realms of Fauna.

I send Loving Gratitude to the Elements and the Elementals: Earth, Fire, Wind, Water, Ether.

I Send Loving Gratitude to the Waters of Lakes, Ponds, Bogs, Swamps, Marshes. I send Loving Gratitude to the Waters of Streams, Brooks, Creeks and Rivers. I Send Loving Gratitude to the Estuaries and Salt Marshes and Mangroves. I Send Loving Gratitude to all Underground Water. I Send Loving Gratitude to all Waters of Wells and Cisterns and Water Barrels and Water Towers. I Send Loving Gratitude to all Water flowing through pipes and held within vessels. I send Loving Gratitude to Water Vapor in the Air: Clouds and Water falling from the Air as Rain, Snow, Sleet, Hail. I send Loving Gratitude to Water held with glaciers. I send Loving Gratitude to All Flowing Waters.

I Send Loving Gratitude to the Ocean, a Giant Water Organism that is seen as individual oceans and seas.

I send Loving Gratitude to All of Nature. I send Loving Gratitude to our Sentient Beautiful Mother Earth-Gaia.

I Send Loving Gratitude to you. I send Loving Gratitude to MySelf. I send Loving Gratitude…

This Global Health Challenge, the Pandemic, the Covid-19 has created a crisis that Humankind world wide (mostly) has noticed and responded to. There are still those that think the Earth is Flat and that there are no viruses. They are unfortunately given more airtime and soundbites than scientists and healers.

Every Disaster Movie begins with Politicians not believing in Science.

And yet, many are still here on Earth, co-creating the Magic, Manifestation and Miracles as each individual awakens to their Divinity within and begins to Love More, Expect Miracles– the Miracles abound.

I Am….

The Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine runs through every human on Earth and within the Earth. The Earth has changed its Sacred Divine Masculine to the Emotionally Available, Emotional and Logical Luminous Warrior Divine Masculine.

This is a huge change that many are sensing and as the Divine Feminine awakens in each individual and links to the Earth and the Cosmos and the Flower of Life, so too does the Consensus Reality.

I am surfing the Great Waves of Change with the support and assistance Fairyfarmgirl and that of the Guardians, Helpers, Guides and Angels, Mother Earth-Gaia, Great Goddess, God and the LoveLight gods and goddesses, the Friends and Allies, my DNA Ancestors, my Spiritual Ancestors and many many many others.

The Flower of Life is Interconnection, Interdependent, Intersecting, Sharing, LoveLight.

The Blue Moon will shine bright with Mars from Samhain Eve through the Day of the Dead. This last occurred over 40 years ago. It is a time of high Magic and Manifestation and Miracles. Look to the Night Sky to gaze on the Moon. Keep your vibe high and Love More and Expect Miracles!

Join me in starting a Howl as I howl at the Moon!

Happy Samhain, Happy Halloween, Happy Full Moon!

I Bless you with Love, Love More, Expect Miracles

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Planet Hugs

Happy Full Moon in Aries. Today focus on your Intentions that are for your Heart, Mind, and Soul and the New Earth Paradigm. Light a Candle and State your Intentions aloud.

Blessings to you on this day! Have you Hugged your planet Earth, today?

Walk upon her with your feet bare, feel our Earth under your toes, here and there and everywhere. Touch her with your Hands. Hug her Emissaries the Trees, the Rocks, the Plants. Nurture the Nature all around you. Love More, Expect Miracles.

Look and see her our Earth, Beautiful and Sentient Planet. Look at the Small parts of Earth, the little insects, plants, minerals. Watch the Bees do their work, the worms, the beetles, the spiders. Sit with wonder as the leaves of the Autumn Trees in the Northern Hemisphere change colors and float on the wind or drift to the ground below. Look as Spring Flowers in the moment of Grace, open to reveal their beauty in the Southern Hemisphere. See the Beauty in the moment around you.

Go and behold the Beauty that abounds all around us and throughout and within. We are the Earth and She is us.

Express Loving Gratitude to the Earth and all her inhabitants, and to Nature: The Realms of Flora and the Realms of Fauna.

Love Our Planet, Our Earth here and there and Everywhere.

The Sacred is the Ground we stand upon.

Take a step, and see new Sacred Ground fore it is where you stand you are. on. Sacred. Ground.

Do you see?


Every place from Mountains to the Sea, from Deserts to Meadows, from Forests to Plains and Grasslands and Savannah, from the Lakes, Ponds, Bogs, Swamps, Estuaries from the Bayou to the Banyan Tree, from the Mangrove to the Coral Reef from the Depths of the Brooks, Rivers, Streams and the Wells and Underground Reserves of Water to the Depths of the Oceans and inland Seas from the Caves Nature Made and Man Carved from the Wells Of Oil taken without regard… Every Inch, Every Square, Every Molecule of our Planet Earth,is Sentient, Aware, Beautiful. Our Earth is Sacred.


We must heal ourSelves and our Earth of the Traumas that she has endured. As we choose to Heal and Love Ourselves Free, so too will we Free our Earth, our Beautiful Sentient Planet. Hug your Planet today. Walk upon the Spiral that is contained in the Flower of Life. The Spiral that is Life– it continues in all Times: Past, Present, The Now, and Future. Stand upon this Spiral– you are infinite as a Soul, your body is Infinite as its Spiral of DNA is held within you and with the Earth. We share our DNA with the Earth everytime we touch a plant, a tree, the dirt– any part of Nature. We are in a Synergetic Relationship with our Earth, Sentient, Generous, Beautiful Planet Earth-Gaia, Great Goddess.

Create Synergy, as you Hug your Planet, our Earth feel her Heartbeat. Feel the pulse that flows through her to you. Send a Pulse back from your Heart to her Heart. Greet into the Realms of the Minerals and the Realms of the Mycellium. This will open communications with the Earth and the Mycellium (the Original World Wide Web). This Organic Living System will communicate with you via sounds, scents, images, and feelings and words. Interface with our Planet. Ask her “How can I assist you in your Healing? ” or “I Love you and wish to support you in your Healing in ways that I am able to. Guide me in assisting you in your Healing and my Healing.”

Be Present as a Sacred Witness to the Earth as she speaks with you and through you. As you listen and bear witness you are providing the Space for her to Heal. As you follow through in her requests to the best of your ability, you empower her and your own Healing. Healing is a Partnership– and a Constellation— it is a Matrix and Sacred Geometry. The Holographic Reality of Healing is shifting that what is out of balance to a place of balance.

Gaze upon Crop Circles. Look deeply into Sacred Geometry– the Flower of Life. Look at the Sacred Fractals of Nature. Feel these Sacred Forms with you hands, your body, your Heart, Mind and Spirit. Follow the Sacred Spiral… to the Dolmens and the Sacred Stones, the Giant Boulders and the Energy Portals of LoveLight. Clean up the Sacred Wells and streams and Rivers, Ponds and Oceans. Create new systems of Human Conduct. Be the Change you wish to see as you walk the Sacred Spiral.

I Bless you with Love. — Fairyfarmgirl-Elizabeth

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Happy Equinox!

Recently I brought in all my houseplants from the garden area in the West Facing Gardens. The nights have steadily been getting colder. The days take longer to warm. Frost was predicted. Autumn is on its way!

I have made a lovely indoor garden area in my dining room and kitchen and sunroom… I have added new plants to the indoor plants that are native to the room (they think so). I explained to my plants that the newcomers are a welcome addition to our rooms. Diversity makes us strong.

This Autumn and Winter I am growing Mint, Thyme and Rosemary among other plants. All Summer Long I have been wild harvesting Rose, Sweet Fern, White Pine Needles, St. Joan’s Wort. I have tinctured and dried my herbs. I Bless these powerful Plant Spirit Healers and Helpers with Loving Gratitude.

9/21 was the International Day of Peace. In honor of this day, I sang songs of Peace to the World as I walked along the road. I made a robust Autumn Chicken Noodle and Vegetable Soup. I prayed and Intended for Peace. I spent the day privately anchoring this Energy of Loving More and Expecting Miracles.

The World around us, the Humankind World is in transition. In many places there is chaos brought forth by The Great Waves of Change. Theses Waves of Change have been lapping at the shores of Humankind since 2000. Recently, though the Waves of Change have picked up in the pace.

What to do in the face of these Great Waves of Change? Surf the Waves, of course. Life is a Wild Ride that when approached from a place of LoveLight is an opportunity to Dive Deeply and Ride the Wild. This is where we as Family of Humankind and as Individuals truly discover who we are: who we wish to be: Who we are Becoming.

In the area I live, near the hidden coast of NH, it is the Autumn Equinox today. The Wheel of Life turns.

Happy Equinox! Happy Autumn! and for my friends in the Southern Hemisphere: Happy Spring!

The leaves are turning reds, golds, oranges. The Maple Trees are the first to turn to their true colors. The brief time of Autumnal Beauty is upon the Northern Areas of the World. This time for me is a magical time of Change and Harvest and Preparation for Winter. It is a time to celebrate Life in all its facets.

Life is what you make it. Life is challenging. It is up to each of us to choose to Love More, Expect Miracles or not. These are the choices. Fairyfarmgirl and I hope you choose to Love More, Expect Miracles. It is LoveLight that is Emancipating Humankind. Many have chosen, and yet many more have not. What will we as a Family of Humankind choose to create. It is through Unity and Personal Sovereignty that True Human Emancipation occurs.

This summer I had the privledge of guiding another on their healing journey. Through the use of gathered herbs and garden herbs and blessed water, the Healing Prescence and the Plant Spirit Helpers and my guidance healing occurred. It took time to resolve– and this particular aliment has been resolved. Nature provides all that we need. It is through working with Mother Earth-Gaia and Nature that true Unity and True Sovereignty is. Our Beloved Planet Earth, has hosted Humankind with generousity and Love and Tolerance. She has protected us and nurtured us and guided us towards better versions of ourselves. Nothing is created without the assistance of others. There is no “I did this alone” in the world. There are those who say that their achievements are theirs alone– and this is an untruth. They did not achieve anything alone. There were countless people who assisted them, who gave their energy, time, labor, who at at times gave their lives to the cause that those who say “they did it alone.” They are speakers of untruths. They used others to get what they wanted. This pattern of seeing others as a Commodity it unsustainable and is the path that leads to demise ultimately.

Join us and work with our Beloved Planet Earth, her systems and with each other. The New Moon recently came to pass for this September. The Moon beckons us to head into World with Expression and Connection with others. Let this time assist us in choose to focus our time for ourselves, our feelings and our Human Needs and Spiritual Needs. Connect with others through Unity and Personal Soveientry.

Now is the time to come out of our chrysalis. It is time for us to Emerge. Connect with our Earth, Nature, The Sun, the Moon and with each other! Let our Creative Energy be empowered: Calling us to Purpose to Shine of LoveLIGHT. I send you Loving Gratitude. Celebrate Life. Find the Lightness and Humor in all the Seriousness that surrounds us. Go out into the World, dance upon our Earth and Play.

The Ancestors are supporting us. They have gone before us and now stand behind us and with us! We are invited to reach into the Future and assist the Earth and Humankind in co-creating, building and birthing a New EARTH Paradigm. Dream ourselves into Being. What are we migrating to — Becoming 13,000 years from now? They call to us to accept the Invitation to Dive Deeply and Ride the Wild of Great Power and Blessings that come from the Acceptance and Willingness to co-create and build a New Destiny for ourselves, individually and as the Family of Humankind. We have unlimited Spiritual Resources available to us all at this time. We do this by examining our attitudes and actions– to act with Integrity. Forgive those who hurt us– set ourselves free through this Magical Power of Forgiveness. This is how the Generational Patterns and DNA damage is healed– DNA is restored to DNA Integrity through the Power of LOVELIGHT and Forgiveness. We are all supported at this time in this sacred work. Forgive and Honor our DNA, Ancestors by Lighting a Candle and Sending our LoveLight and Blessings of Loving Gratitude to those who have come before us and now stand behind us. Choose to Love More and Expect Miracles.

I Bless you with Love. –Fairyfarmgirl-Elizabeth

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New Adventures and Ventures!

Blessings to you, Friends, Allies and Brothers and Sisters of Love and Light!

New adventures and Ventures beckon Fairyfarmgirl and Elizabeth and all that are part of the Fairyfarm Family!

First Elizabeth would like to welcome her beloved Love, Friend and Partner, Tom Bear. Tom hails from the Hidden Coast of New Hampshire. He is an accomplished Navigator, woodsman and wild gatherer and mystic. Tom works closely with Elizabeth and Fairyfarmgirl. His main Guides are of the Ancient Realms of Earth and Space Time Fauna.

Tom Bear will be a guest writer and producer of Herbal and Jewelry products and more here at Fairyfarmgirl Digest and Emporium. Be on the look out for our amazing oils and products featured at the Emporium!

Fairyfarmgirl-Elizabeth continues to offer Tarot Readings and Spiritual Guiding, Coaching and Life Coaching. Expansion of Awareness is growing across our Beautiful World. Fairyfarmgirl-Elizabeth is available to assist you in navigating through the changing world and your own changing inner world.

Our Earth Grid of our the Beautiful Sentient Earth has shifted to Gaia and the Emotionally Available Strong, Compassionate, Wise and Kind as well as Protective Divine Masculine. The Upheaval that some are experiencing in the world is the Shift of the Ages beginning. We send Loving Gratitude to you, our Beloved Brothers and Sisters, Friends, Allies standing up in the Love Light and firmly rooting to the New Earth Grid of LoveLight, Balanced and Stable Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine. We are all called to stand and to root deeply into the New Earth Grid.

The LoveLight is acting as a Healing Agent and Change-maker pushing up all that must be healed and transmuted by LoveLight. This is sacred work. Elizabeth is reminded by Fairyfarmgirl that she has what it takes. We are Humans— the Most Creative People of the Whole Known Universe. We are the Ones we have been waiting for. It is each of you: it is us.

Reach up as the Ancestors and Angels and the Gaia Reaches out to assist us in standing up into the LoveLight. We are all being supported in staying on our Celestial Surfboards as we Dive Deep and Ride the Wild!

The Crystals that are of assistance at this time are Rose Quartz and Sodalite and Green Agate. Fairyfarmgirl suggests wearing pendants on the Heart or High Heart Chakras. Practice Good Spiritual Hygiene. Here at our Emporium a limited supply of crystal pendants are available for purchase. Breathe and Love More, Expect Miracles. We bless you with Loving Gratitude.

The Rocks that are of assistance at this time are mineral rocks of granite with quartz from areas of Wild Water such as the ocean or wild waters of brooks, streams, rivers and/or lakes. Fairyfarmgirl suggests holding these stones and rocks in your hand and to connect to the Elementals (Fairy or Faery and the Fey and the Devas) through the stone as a mini-portal. Elizabeth and Tom Bear have collected some Wild Rocks. These are available for purchase on our Emporium.

The Inner Child must be heard and Loved Free from within each of us. This is Empowering and Intense work. Fairyfarmgirl-Elizabeth and Tom Bear with the assistance of Fairyfarmgirl have created Infused oils and Rose Water as well as Fairy Glitter Dust and a Spell to support you in your Inner Child work. Fairyfarmgirl-Elizabeth suggests using the wild gathered Sweet Fern oil and the Wild Gathered Rose Water for Inner Child and Heart-High Heart Chakra and Sacral-Third Eye Chakra Work as well as for the Throat-Will-Root Chakras. These Herbal Infused Oils and Rose Water and Fairy Glitter Dust are Empowering and Powerful Guides, Guardians and Helpers as well as supportive of the mind-body-Heart-Spirit and Soul. Check out these new and exciting products on the Emporium.

Here along the hidden coast of NH Elizabeth’s garden grows beautifully. As so is out so too it is within. often, Life that is around your personal Torsion Field is a Metaphor for your own inner world and interfacing with the Collective Consciousness. Elizabeth recently had a Milestone Awareness in that she has become aware that what was once is no more true. At one time, many of you, our Brothers and Sisters, Friends and Allies operated outside of the Consensus Reality. This is no longer true. What was once outside of Consensus Reality is now becoming the Reality. There are 3 major co-existing Realities coalescing here on Surface Earth that makes up the majority of the Human World. LOVELIGHT is the NEW Energy on the Playground of Earth, and it is transforming Humankind. There will be 3 main realities all based on LOVELIGHT. The Earth has shifted from High 3D-Low 4D to Mid 4-D to Low/High 5 D. And here is what makes Earth the Gem of All SpaceTime– Humankind and the Inhabitants of Earth will remain Embodied. We are that Creative and Gifted, Brothers and Sister, Friends and Allies. Stand Tall and Proud. We are Human of the Collective and Uniting Humankind. We are Loving ourselves Free. We must Emancipate ourSelves and Unite. Often Elizabeth feels like she did the first time she rode her bike unassisted. Woot! We are Human and Proud and Free. Claim your Sovereignty! We have Eyes of See and Ears to Hear with. We bless you with Love! Love More, Expect Miracles because that miracle is you, dear one– Billions of you are the Miracle. We have far surpassed the 11% eleven years ago. We bless you with Loving Gratitude.

–Fairyfarmgirl-Elizabeth and Tom Bear

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