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The In-Between-Ness and Lughnasadh

~~~ Good Greetings Beloved Friends and Readers.  I have been on quite a personal journey!  Joy is the destination for All People.  The way is through the shadow paving the way with LoveLight.  Love More and Expect Miracles. Some changes … Continue reading

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The Power of Love

Good Greetings Beloved Readers and Friends: It has been a long time since I have last posted a Fairy Farm Girl Digest Ezine.  Life is like a twisted Cabby Ride.  One sometimes ends up taking quite a ride to reach … Continue reading

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We Are All Like Butterflies

  Blessed Readers– At this time Elizabeth is  resting. The ezine will return soon. Humanity at this time is like butterflie in various stages of chrysalis — some of Humankind is just entering chrysalis : and others are in the … Continue reading

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Time for Introspection and Peace ON and The Travail of Birth

Life begins with a single step.  Simple take one step.  Stop.  Then take another step.  Stop.  It is easy when you see your path as simply one step.  — Fairy Farm Girl    12/20/12 and Continuing:  Breathing through the throes of … Continue reading

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The Earth, the Flower of Life, and the Individual: All is Interconnected

We are but blades of grass, each is individual and unique and yet part of the whole field. As the blades of grass, expand their awareness and open to the Love already present within and throughout and around, they come … Continue reading

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