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Snowy Day, Full Moon and The New Earth: It is some Weather going on

It is  truly a winter here in the North where I am currently residing.  The snow is coming down like it did when I was a child.  The wind is blowing, the snow is falling, the plow truck is piling … Continue reading

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The Potentials for December 2012 and onward are exciting!

The potentials for the next 30 days are really very exciting.  Fairy Farm Girl and I call them potentials because they require probability to exist.  This probability is determined by intention, focus, emotion and action.  This is on the individual … Continue reading

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The Meek are inheriting the Surface Earth.

As I awakened from sleeping I heard Fairy Farm Girl clearly say: “I bless all with Love.    The Lion Shall Lay down with the Lamb for the Meek are inheriting the Surface Earth.“  Great, I thought.  The meek shall inherit the … Continue reading

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All is Interconnected: Creating Vortexes of LOVE through the Winds of Change

  There is a great clearing taking place within the Earth-Gaia and throughout her surface.  Humankind dwelling upon the surface of the Earth is feeling the affects of their collective mis-creations over many many epochs. The Storms and Earth Movements … Continue reading

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