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Milestone Awareness

  Happy March Equinox!! Happy Spring to those in the North.  Happy Autumn (or Rainy Season) to those who live in the South! Exciting Times! There are two equinoxes every year  in March and in September.  The Equinox is when … Continue reading

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Global Water Meditation

Water is everywhere.  There is ONE Ocean– Humans like to say  there are different Oceans and Seas, and yet, there is only ONE ocean.  The Ocean circulates around the land masses of the continents and islands of the Earth. It … Continue reading

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Summer Solstice, June 21

Love is to the heart what the summer is to the farmer’s year – it brings to harvest all the loveliest flowers of the soul.   —Anon Happy Summer Solstice/Winter Solstice This early morning I am surrounded by the sounds of … Continue reading

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Sunday Specials: The Early Edition of Flowing with the Heart’s Movement

“Travel brings power and love back into your life.”― Rumi   Blessed Friends, much Light is streaming to the Earth.  The Flow of LightLove is immense and unprecedented in our collective memory.  This Sunday’s ezine is an early addition.  As … Continue reading

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Love is Powerful: Today is a New Day

Asking and Ye Shall Recieve   Today has been a day of Cascading Love flowing to me from those near and far– Cosmically and up through the Inner Earth.  A Pulse from Gaia-Mother Earth was felt by me early yesterday … Continue reading

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11-11-12 High Energy Day for the Birthing of the New Earth

  11+11+12=  34  3+4= 7   11/11/12 is a  7 day Highly Spiritual Energy on 7 number days– More so when it is an 11/11/12, 7 derived.  This is a Master Number Day with Solar Flares, Gaia Emanations, and High Energy … Continue reading

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The Power of Prayer

The Power of Prayer is Found within your own Heart and through your body.  The Body is a space of Being.  Love your Body, and thus Love Your Being.  –Fairyfarmgirl-Elizabeth        

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Integrating Red and Blue Create Purple-Violet: Interconnectedness

Red and Blue integrated create the color ray of Purple-Violet.  This is the interconnectedness of opposites.  The Purple-Violet Ray is a healing tool called the Violet Flame.  This Flame is a ray of Color and Sound and Light that transmutes … Continue reading

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Practice Makes Progress: Interconnectedness in Real Life

Yesterday and Today, Fairy Farm Girl and I are participating in a Meditation that was world wide.  It is a challenge to remain consciously aware here and be there as well.   Today, I will be focusing on being in a … Continue reading

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Leadership begins with the Self: Interconnectedness

Leadership begins with the Self.  When I first began an Expansion of Awareness, Fairy Farm Girl, would say to me, Be your own Parent, Lead yourSelf toward Love– Stand up in the Light.   This became one of my guiding … Continue reading

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