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The Power of Prayer

The Power of Prayer is Found within your own Heart and through your body.  The Body is a space of Being.  Love your Body, and thus Love Your Being.  –Fairyfarmgirl-Elizabeth        

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Community is Interconnectedness

  Fairy Farm Girl Speaks Humankind is reaping what it has sowed.  The time is now to transform what has been created into LOVE. Humankind all across the world is coming together through co-creating community.  New ways are being tried … Continue reading

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All is Interconnected: Creating Vortexes of LOVE through the Winds of Change

  There is a great clearing taking place within the Earth-Gaia and throughout her surface.  Humankind dwelling upon the surface of the Earth is feeling the affects of their collective mis-creations over many many epochs. The Storms and Earth Movements … Continue reading

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Awakening Now to Love: Interconnectedness

  A wave of Awakening is occurring.   You are experiencing an awakening… things seem not the same and yet you are still here where you were yesterday.  It is your Consciousness that is shifting. Breathe in the Love that is … Continue reading

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Interconnectedness: Positive Humanity United and Connecting with each other

Interconnectedness:  Positive Humanity United Connecting A Day of Living Meditation of LOVE and Envisioning the NEW EARTH We are all on the Same Side of Polarity.  We are Positive:  Love.  This is the time for all of Positive Humanity to … Continue reading

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The Journey to Interconnectedness: Heart Ignition

Heart Ignition:  The Torsion Field Spooling Up Heart Ignition is essential for Inter-Connectedness.  It is all in the HEART.  The space in the center of your Chest radiating outward by  the width of the Thumb to Forefinger in a complete … Continue reading

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October 18, 2012 Integration– Loving ourselves Free

Integration is a choice to shift to seeing that life is all interconnected.  This shift comes in flows and ebbs.  It happens with each Expansion of Awareness  —Fairy What does Integration–Loving ourselves Free Mean? Integration results in understanding interconnection. This is achieved … Continue reading

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   Integration of Light and Dark  is required for truly understanding that all is interconnected.  It is not the defeat of one or the other… rather the integration of each to create the 3rd Form which is Universal Love –some … Continue reading

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