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Sunday Musings 04/21/13

“To the millions who live in this world today let me say that there are many worthwhile things little people can do, both individually and collectively.  When I dedicated my life to be as much service as possible to my … Continue reading

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The Change is within: The Chrysalis Effect

March 21, 2013 Equinox Beloved Ones: When the butterfly enters chrysalis, the physical caterpillar body dissolves and is re-organized and resurrected as a butterfly. Many of are in the dissolving state, the emerging state, the wing exercising state.  Many are … Continue reading

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Time for Introspection and Peace ON and The Travail of Birth

Life begins with a single step.  Simple take one step.  Stop.  Then take another step.  Stop.  It is easy when you see your path as simply one step.  — Fairy Farm Girl    12/20/12 and Continuing:  Breathing through the throes of … Continue reading

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Saturday Siesta: Energy Transference and Living Grace

Grace is within the Heart of Love.  A Blessing brings this Love forth and transfers this Energy, Grace to the other. Energy Transference is another name for Prayer/Blessing or Spell/Intention/Invocation work.  Energy Transference works like this.  As you make something, … Continue reading

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Unexpected Connections– It is all interconnected, really

  Today, I am devoting time to just being in this new energy.  It is a challenge to be living in two rooms– all the stuff that I still have in the old room and all the stuff I need … Continue reading

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Integrating Red and Blue Create Purple-Violet: Interconnectedness

Red and Blue integrated create the color ray of Purple-Violet.  This is the interconnectedness of opposites.  The Purple-Violet Ray is a healing tool called the Violet Flame.  This Flame is a ray of Color and Sound and Light that transmutes … Continue reading

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The Whole World is Interconnected: LOVE

We are all interconnected.  Imagine if you will a infinite ceiling made up of distinct ceiling tiles all interconnected.  Each tile is individual and beautiful and unique and yet each tile is part of the whole.  If one tile is … Continue reading

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