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Summer Solstice

I bless you with Love! Happy Summer Solstice! Life has taken many turns since the Solstice of 2020. I gave arrived at a new nexus point where Magic, Miracles, Manifestation Meet. Fairyfarmgirl and I are integrating this new Energy Constellation. … Continue reading

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Happy Oestara. Happy Easter

As predawn gave way to Dawn, the Hawk cried out– like in the movies– that Hawk sound. And the Chickadees, sang their song. Followed by the Doves and the Robins and the Crows. The Grackles that live in the shed thrummed with their wings taking off for the break-fast meal to feed their offspring. The sun is shining. The trees are budding out. Continue reading

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Happy Spring Equinox and New Moon

Blessings to you my dear Friends! It is a Wild Ride this Equinox and New Moon time. The Global Health Challenge has really caused us to slow down and recalibrate during this time of renewal. We are being Called To … Continue reading

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Beauty: Love More and Expect Miracles

  Good Greetings and A Happy 2nd Day of October!  October is a month of change– Autumn is gearing up and nearing a fullness of color in the Temperate parts of Surface Earth… in other places it is spring… and … Continue reading

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Letting Love Rule: Grace

Good Greetings to All! Such an auspicious time, the Autumn Equinox is here in the Northern Hemisphere!  It is spring for those in the Southern Hemisphere.   Happy Equinox! The Moon is Full!  The Moon last night was exceptionally bright. It … Continue reading

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Freedom in July

I bless All on this Day, July 4th “…No one is truly free who is still attached to material things, or to places or to people.  Material things must be put into their proper place.  They are there for use.  … Continue reading

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The Re-Doingness Wisdom Mercury Retrograde

June 26-July 20 2013   The time is upon us where we will be pushed into and/or toward and/or through Fully Accepting the Self and lower self (ego)— Forgive and let go to go forward.  That is what is the … Continue reading

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PEACE On, Loving More and Expecting Miracles

2 Days before the December Solstice 2012 I bless all with Love.   Love More and Expect Miracles.  Be very clear about what you are focusing on and creating.  Creation Manifestation is speeding up– it is happening instantaneously now for … Continue reading

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Shifting is a Process, Be Kind to YourSelf and Yes, It Is All Interconnected

Yesterday, I found myself spinning in a negative field that I am not sure how I connected with or why.  But here I am after a bit of a melt-down back again today. I would like to share with all … Continue reading

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