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Happy Super Moon, Flower Moon and Lunar Eclipse

CHANGE means to embrace a New Beginning. Change is upon us all. This is a time to turn toward new directions, to go for it. There are important decisions to be made– consider your choices carefully. Embrace the new choices even if the outcome is unclear– Now is a time to say “Yes” to a new direction– a new way. Since this is also a time of being at a crossroads in many of our lives, re-evaluate what is a true desire and true need and be Courageous and Bold and Go For It! Continue reading

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Happy Spring Equinox and New Moon

Blessings to you my dear Friends! It is a Wild Ride this Equinox and New Moon time. The Global Health Challenge has really caused us to slow down and recalibrate during this time of renewal. We are being Called To … Continue reading

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The Power of Love

Good Greetings Beloved Readers and Friends: It has been a long time since I have last posted a Fairy Farm Girl Digest Ezine.  Life is like a twisted Cabby Ride.  One sometimes ends up taking quite a ride to reach … Continue reading

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The Change is within: The Chrysalis Effect

March 21, 2013 Equinox Beloved Ones: When the butterfly enters chrysalis, the physical caterpillar body dissolves and is re-organized and resurrected as a butterfly. Many of are in the dissolving state, the emerging state, the wing exercising state.  Many are … Continue reading

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Peace is in the Air: Breathe it in and Build Peace

I dedicate this issue of the Fairy Farm Girl Digest for Peace “I met a Jewish woman who had been married and living with her parents  in Germany under Hitler at the time of the World War II. She was … Continue reading

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11-11-12 High Energy Day for the Birthing of the New Earth

  11+11+12=  34  3+4= 7   11/11/12 is a  7 day Highly Spiritual Energy on 7 number days– More so when it is an 11/11/12, 7 derived.  This is a Master Number Day with Solar Flares, Gaia Emanations, and High Energy … Continue reading

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Love More and Expect Miracles: All is interconnected

    Fairy Farm Girl Speaks Love More and Expect Miracles;  The Miracle is you. You are here now to create the Miracle of Loving More. Loving More of the Earth-Gaia.  Loving More of the Solaris-Sun.  Loving More of your own … Continue reading

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Interconnectedness: Positive Humanity United and Connecting with each other

Interconnectedness:  Positive Humanity United Connecting A Day of Living Meditation of LOVE and Envisioning the NEW EARTH We are all on the Same Side of Polarity.  We are Positive:  Love.  This is the time for all of Positive Humanity to … Continue reading

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The Journey to Interconnectedness: Heart Ignition

Heart Ignition:  The Torsion Field Spooling Up Heart Ignition is essential for Inter-Connectedness.  It is all in the HEART.  The space in the center of your Chest radiating outward by  the width of the Thumb to Forefinger in a complete … Continue reading

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October 18, 2012 Integration– Loving ourselves Free

Integration is a choice to shift to seeing that life is all interconnected.  This shift comes in flows and ebbs.  It happens with each Expansion of Awareness  —Fairy What does Integration–Loving ourselves Free Mean? Integration results in understanding interconnection. This is achieved … Continue reading

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