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12/22/12 The New Earth Begins

12/22/12  The World Continues.  I bless all with Love.  Let us Love each other more and expect miracles.  The miracles are created through the HEART with the focus of thought.  It is first created within the HEART. Yesterday, 12/21/12 I … Continue reading

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12/21/12 Happy December Solstice!

Happy December Solstice 2012 We Are All Still Here! I bless all with Love! Let us embrace each other and the Earth- Gaia with our Hearts and Hands. Let Light flow to your Light. Let your Light be expanded. Let … Continue reading

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PEACE On, Loving More and Expecting Miracles

2 Days before the December Solstice 2012 I bless all with Love.   Love More and Expect Miracles.  Be very clear about what you are focusing on and creating.  Creation Manifestation is speeding up– it is happening instantaneously now for … Continue reading

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12/17/12 A New Day

The Solstice is nearing.  In 4 days time.  I bless all with Love.  Happy Winter/Summer to All! Love More and Expect Miracles.  Open your Heart and switch on Love.  Turn your heart to Peace On.  Focus on creating the world … Continue reading

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The Celestial Awe: The Geminids

Elizabeth Speaks I bless all with Love.  Last night I looked up  at the sky and behold there were the Geminids meteor Shower!   It was Amazing! The Geminids were at an all time high last night with over 50 … Continue reading

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The New Beyond

Twelve is the number of what is completed, which forms a whole, a perfect and harmonious unit I bless all with Love.  We have arrived at our destination as stop over in the journey of Living Life with Gusto. 12/12/12 … Continue reading

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I Pledge Allegiance to the Earth…

Have you hugged your Planet today?   A beautiful world abounds all around.  —Elizabeth and Fairy Farm Girl  

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The Potentials for December 2012 and onward are exciting!

The potentials for the next 30 days are really very exciting.  Fairy Farm Girl and I call them potentials because they require probability to exist.  This probability is determined by intention, focus, emotion and action.  This is on the individual … Continue reading

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The Movement of Transition

  “Be an opener of doors”  ― Ralph Waldo Emerson I am on a journey.  My life is the teaching for me and all who wish to walk beside me.  As you life is my teaching as I walk beside … Continue reading

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Shifting is a Process, Be Kind to YourSelf and Yes, It Is All Interconnected

Yesterday, I found myself spinning in a negative field that I am not sure how I connected with or why.  But here I am after a bit of a melt-down back again today. I would like to share with all … Continue reading

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