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The New Moon: A Time of Rebirth of the Earth

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Happy Oestara. Happy Easter

As predawn gave way to Dawn, the Hawk cried out– like in the movies– that Hawk sound. And the Chickadees, sang their song. Followed by the Doves and the Robins and the Crows. The Grackles that live in the shed thrummed with their wings taking off for the break-fast meal to feed their offspring. The sun is shining. The trees are budding out. Continue reading

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Rebirth, Renewal, Redemption: The Return of Spring

~ Happy Oestara, Happy Easter, Happy Spring, Happy Earth Day!  OH MY what a busy time this Mid April is in the World.  There is so much going on!  The Cosmos is in all kinds of alignments.  Peruse a favorite … Continue reading

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Happy Samhain (Halloween)– All is Interconnected

All is interconnected.  Those that have gone before us are always present as all is interconnected.  They are but a whisper away.  They hear and feel your human emotions. Those who have crossed over wish to connect with you in … Continue reading

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