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Embodying Your Presence: Happy May 1st, Beltane

Beltane is about coming together with others and the Earth— it is about the New Beginning of Life. Embrace the coming out of your Shell– Being Seen. Bringing your Presence into Embodiment and into the LightLove. Let us Embrace new Energy and new ideas. We welcome the Time of Beltane, which begins today and goes until May 4. Continue reading

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444 Dreaming Talk

    I bless you with Love, Friends!  Thank you so much for watching this youtube video.  Please drop some comments in the comment section of the video on youtube. Fairyfarmgirl-Elizabeth wrote extensively about Milestone Awareness on March 20, 2014.  … Continue reading

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The Trees and Thanksgiving

The Trees of Earth, nurture humanity and all life on earth with their life giving love.  All life on Earth breathes in this Life with each breath.  Trees, Beautiful Standing Ones.   They are the Guardians of the Realm of … Continue reading

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